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The term ‘Megxit’ has been widely used as convenient shorthand to refer to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to give up royal duties, which was made official in March 2020. However, as Prince Harry has claimed, it is a misogynistic one, created by a troll in 2018, amplified by royal correspondents, and then spreading online until it circulated in mainstream media. There, it appeared in a headline for tabloid The Sun and was also used in serious newspapers, such as The New York Times. So catchy was the term that merchandising followed. Megxit’s similarity to the term ‘Brexit’ is clear, but it also notably targets Meghan Markle as the cause of the break with royal protocol. Back before the wedding, it was used to imply Markle was a social climber or gold digger, or worse. Nevertheless, and despite revelations made by the magazine Vanity Fair, the Collins English Dictionary included ‘Megxit’ as one of their ten Words of 2020 and listed it in the online edition of their dictionary. The term even has its own Wikipedia page.