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David Bowie's Eyes

David Bowie has always impressed with his face makeup, inspired by that used in traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre. However, after his death in 2016, when many articles about, and images of, the musician appeared, people began to comment on Bowie’s actual eyes, which appeared to be different colours: the right blue, the left black. Differently coloured eyes is the result of a rare condition called ‘complete heterochromia’; however, Bowie actually suffered from another condition known as ‘anisocoria’, which is characterised by unequal pupil sizes.
In Bowie’s case, it was the result of a fight with a classmate allegedly over a girl. Fifteen-year-old Bowie was punched in his left eye and his rival’s fingernail scratched its surface, paralysing the muscles that contract the iris. Were this not to have happened, the natural colour of both Bowie’s eyes would be blue. However, Bowie, being Bowie, embraced this peculiarity as part of his persona, saying the injury gave him a kind of mystique. He even included a lyric in one of his last songs, Blackstar, that appeared to refer to it. It went: “At the centre of it all, your eyes, your eyes…”