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Bridgerton is the hit Netflix series that thrilled global viewers with its tales of love, lust, scandal and betrayal in high-society Regency London. Bridgerton is set in the early 19th century but celebrates 21st-century diversity and attitudes.

The series centres on the activities and intrigues of the wealthy Bridgerton family and their acquaintances, the flamboyant Featheringtons. While Anthony, the oldest Bridgerton child, struggles with the responsibilities of his late father, his sister Daphne has reached the age when she must marry. As a debutante, she sets out at the start of the social season to meet eligible bachelors; however, finding a desirable suitor is not as easy as it seems. Enter the dashing Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, a man fed up of being urged to marry. He makes a deal with Daphne to increase her desirability by pretending that he is interested in her. The subterfuge works, but the results are unexpected!

While Bridgerton sounds like conventional material, it is novel for its 21st-century style: some 7,500 items of clothing were inspired by modern fashion icons Christian Dior and Chanel. Listen carefully, and you will recognise classical covers of modern songs by Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. Most notable, though, is the diversity of the cast, more in line with modern high society London than that of the 19th century. The prominence of black actors in Bridgerton has received much praise millions of fans worldwide have delighted in the equal status accorded to black glamour, romance and power on screen.