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After The Rosie Project

Il “progetto moglie” è alla base del romanzo di Graeme Simsion. Il protagonista, Don, uno scienziato asociale, ha individuato un modo “infallibile” per individuare la sua anima gemella (clicca qui per il trailer... del libro!). Ma dopo questo libro di successo, che progetti ha Simsion? Ce li racconta lui stesso! LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

We meet Australian author Graeme Simsion, who introduces himself:

Graeme Simsion (Australian accent)

I’m Graeme Simsion and author of The Rosie Project and you were asking if I had any other projects in train. Well, after I finished The Rosie Project in this sort of burst of coffee and adrenaline, because I wrote it in four weeks, and edited it in three and packed it off to a publisher, I was sort of so excited about my new-found ability to write that I spent four weeks writing another one. And at that point had ideas for a third novel, at which point I did a contract with a publisher and thought, “Well, let’s see if we can do this for three books,” and the publisher was prepared to play ball on this on the basis of some sample chapters from the second one and an outline for the third, and last year I completed a draft of the third one as well. So that was going to sort out my contract for me very nicely for me over three years. But, as I went out on the road, talking about The Rosie Project, people started asking, “Will there be a sequel?” And my immediate answer was: “Absolutely not! Romantic comedies shouldn’t have sequels!” But I was out with my writers’ group one night and we were celebrating the pregnancy of one of them and she said, “You’ll have to give your standard talk that you give to the expectant father to my husband,” and everybody nodded.  And the light went on, I thought “That can be the theme of a...  of a second book, of a sequel.” And I realised at that point, that, really, it’s not so much that Rosie is a romantic comedy, Rosie is a story about this character Don, so he can have a romantic comedy as his first story and his second story can be whatever goes on there, that the unifying thing is Don rather than the romantic... comedy concept.

(Graeme Simsion was taking to Mark Worden)

The interview continues in the July issue of Speak Up.