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What's on TV? - Mr Selfridge

Gennaio 2014
Disponibile dal 22 gennaio in DVD la prima stagione di Mr Selfridge, la serie tv ambientata agli inizi del '900 che narra di come l'affascinante imprenditore americano abbia creato un paradiso dello shopping nel cuore di Londra: la catena Selfridge & Co.!

di Roberta Migliucci

File audio:

Mr Selfridge
Mr Selfridge

Speakers: Rachel Roberts (Standard British accent)

Mr Selfridge

Mr Selfridge is an enjoyable British TV series based on the biography by Lindy Woodhead, Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge. It tells the story of a man who dedicated his life to making shopping an exciting experience: the American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge (played by Jeremy Piven in the series). He opened Selfridge & Co in London's Oxford Street in 1909 and his emporium is still in business today. He was a man of great energy, both in his professional and personal life (as the word "seduction" might suggest), and had many original – and even eccentric – ideas for attracting customers. Enjoy the DVD while you wait for the second season!
On sale from January 22nd - Universal Pictures


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