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What's on TV? - Captain Phillips

Febbraio 2014
Una storia vera: il dirottamento di un mercantile statunitense per mano di pirati somali. Un fantastico Tom Hanks nei panni del protagonista, Captain Phillips. Dal 26 febbraio in homevideo: da vedere in English, of course!

di Roberta Migliucci

File audio:

Captain Phillips
Captain Phillips

Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent)

Captain Phillips

The film Captain Phillips is, as they say, "based on a true story," namely that of the hijacking of the MV ("Merchant Vessel") Maersk Alabama by pirates near Somalia in April 2009. This was in fact the first time that a U.S. cargo ship had been hijacked in over 200 years. The ship's captain, Richard Phillips, who was taken hostage, subsequently wrote a book about the experience and this provides the basis for the film, which is directed by Paul Greengrass. Tom Hanks has the title role in a dramatic movie which was well received by both critics and audiences. The adventure starts with Richard Phillips leaving his family in Vermont before setting off on a humanitarian mission to the Horn of Africa...

Available from February 26th - Universal Pictures

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