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What's Next - R U OK?

Dicembre 2013
Are You OK? Stai bene? Una semplice domanda può cambiare la vita a una persona che sta passando un momento difficile. Quindi non tergiversate oltre, chiedetelo! In Australia esiste addirittura il RUOK day...

di Kathleen Cornford

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Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent)


Sometimes it doesn't take much to make a difference. If you have a friend, relative, neighbour, or colleague who may be having problems, or who seems lonely, then you can ask one simple question: Are You OK? In Australia there is even a national RUOK day, which is on the second Thursday in September.
Obviously, it's just a simple reminder, but the idea behind it is to create greater awareness of those around us every day of the year. It is also designed to encourage human interaction in our digital age because, as the campaign says: a conversation could change a life. There's no need to wait until September: make asking someone "R U OK?" your new year's resolution!


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