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The Language Files - The best of Quora

Marzo 2016
Le domande (e le risposte) dal social network Quora. Questo mese: How do you learn a foreign language?


How do you learn a foreign language?


How do you learn to play guitar? You take a guitar, ask your friends to show you how to play it, and you start playing it.
Little by little you become better at it.
So, when you get advice that you need to:

- read a lot;
- get a book to learn the basics of guitar playing first;
- go to a guitar school;
- complete Levels 1-20 in guitar playing application...

you can ignore this advice and just keep playing every day. Almost no one is going to any guitar schools, right? Then, why would you listen to and follow the same advice when it comes to language learning?
It’s a skill, not a science.
Do it. Live it. Use it.

That’s how you become good at it.

Norman Bates on Quora

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