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The Genesis Reunion

Luglio 2007
Ci saranno quasi tutti. Fatta eccezione per Peter Gabriel, i mitici Genesis tornano a suonare insieme. Gli eroi del rock anni ‘70 si esibiranno a Roma, nel ‘Turn It On Again Tour 2007’.

di John Rigg

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Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel

Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent)

Genesis are back. The 1970s rock heroes have reunited and are touring Europe this summer for the first time in many years. Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford bring their “Turn It On Again” tour to Rome on July 14th for a free concert in front of the Coliseum. The concert is the climax of the European section of their world tour, and they expect around 400,000 fans.


Genesis were a progressive rock band in the 1970s, when they enjoyed cult success with albums like Selling England by the Pound. Vocalist Peter Gabriel was a spectacular performer who wore bizarre costumes during their live shows. Yet they had their greatest success in the 1980s after drummer Phil Collins replaced Gabriel as vocalist. The band revolutionised their live shows by introducing hypnotic drum machines and incredible lighting. Although fans accused Genesis of selling out, the group became a worldwide success with the 1983 album Genesis and songs like “Mama.”


Why have Genesis reunited now? Phil Collins says, “Well, we certainly don’t need the money. It’s rewarding to know that so many people still like us.” Initially, they wanted to re-form the 1970s line-up, with Gabriel and guitarist Steve Hackett, and perform their legendary concept album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Unfortunately, Gabriel had other commitments and Hackett refused. In the end, they decided to tour with Phil Collins as vocalist.


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Selling England by the Pound - lett. l’Inghilterra venduta a peso.

lighting - illuminazione.

selling out - svendersi.

rewarding - gratificante.

line-up - schieramento.

commitments - impegni.