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The Depeche Mode Tour

Maggio 2013
Nonostante le tante disavventure (eroina, cocaina, tentati suicidi...), i Depeche Mode sono ancora sulla cresta dell’onda. Il frontman Dave Gahan (intervistato nel numero in edicola) ci racconta di come affronta il successo e il nuovo tour, a 52 anni.

di Marcel Anders

File audio:

Depeche Mode today. From left to right: Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher and Dave Gahan
Depeche Mode today. From left to right: Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher and Dave Gahan

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

Depeche Mode are currently on tour, which is remarkable, given that lead singer Dave Gahan, who celebrates his 52nd birthday this month, has nearly died on at least four occasions during his career. In recent years he’s suffered from less dramatic health problems like leg injuries and strained vocal cords. We therefore asked him whether he was worried about completing the tour:

Dave Gahan (Standard British accent)

Well, you know, I don’t dwell on my health. I do my best to kind of stay in shape and prepare for a tour like this, but you never know what’s around the corner. You kind of have to deal with it. What I’ve learned over the years is: some things are out of your control. I certainly am not going out of my way to destroy myself these days, which is a good thing! But sometimes, you know, like on... before the last tour, or just before we were about to begin, you know, it was out of my control. So you have to learn to deal with these things, but I fully intend to get through it and get to the other side, and try and enjoy it as much as I can, but like, you know, you gotta just... it´s one gig at a time, you know, one day at a time, one city at a time.

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