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The British Juggling Convention

Aprile 2011
Se siete affascinati dalle meraviglie realizzate da giocolieri, prestigiatori e trapezisti, la British Juggling Convention è ciò che fa per voi. Un incontro imperdibile con gli artisti più bravi del settore.

di John Rigg

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Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent)

Children dream of the circus life. They want to escape their ordinary lives. They want to be jugglers, trapeze artists and clowns. But how can someone really start a career in the circus? The British Juggling Convention (BJC) is the perfect introduction. It brings professionals, amateurs and their friends together in different locations every year. This year the BJC takes place at Nottingham’s Harvey Hadden Sports Centre from April 15th to 21st.


A great juggler is a magical person. The stars at this year’s BJC are no different. Wes Peden does impossible things with rings. Jay Gilligan turns juggling balls into ballet; dancers Stefan and Cristina become master and marionette; Arron Sparks makes playing with a yo-yo a spectacular entertainment.


The BJC offers the chance to meet these stars and many others. The convention offers workshops for beginners and beyond. Jugglers practise their acts, exchange ideas and socialise in the 24-Hour Juggling and Circus Skills Hall. There are speed competitions where everyone can take part. See how many tricks you can do before you make a mistake.  
On Sunday 17th April the convention moves to Nottingham Castle for “The Juggling Olympics” – a day of competitions and fun. The same evening there’s the Gala Show at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall with acts like Beyond Gravity and the Juggling Inferno.


What makes the BJC special? “It is outside normal life,” says organiser Jane Randall. “It is wonderful to watch jugglers practise new tricks. You see their mistakes, but also their incredible dedication.”
Is the BJC the right place for new performers? Juggler Arron Sparks says: “Yes, definitely. You have the opportunity to perform in public. That’s rare for a beginner. And people help and encourage you.”
The BJC offers new jugglers the chance to perform at the prestigious British Young Juggler of the Year Show.
Is circus life really so brilliant? “It’s the best job in the world!” says Sparks. “You must travel a lot, and you work without holidays for months. But you see the world, meet extraordinary people, and you perform. It’s the perfect job.” 


Nottingham is 100 miles (180 km) north of London. The nearest airport is East Midlands Airport (12 miles/20 km). There’s a regular train service from London’s King Cross to Nottingham city centre. The best way to arrive at the convention is by car or taxi.
Tickets can be purchased online. Tickets for the convention cost €118 each. The Gala Show tickets cost €18. You can book online through the BJC website: www.bjc2011.co.uk or on the day. There is a good discount for pre-registration for the convention.

Harvey Hadden Stadium
Harvey Hadden Sports Complex
Wigman Road, Nottingham
Nottinghamshire NG8 4PB

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Makes playing with a yo-yo... a spectacular entertainment. Perché si usa la forma -ing in questo caso? Ricordatevi che si usa questa forma ogni volta che il verbo ha valore di sostantivo (il giocare). Quindi la frase intera significa “Arron Sparks trasforma il semplice gioco dello yo-yo in uno spettacolo meraviglioso”.

Brilliant. Attenzione che brilliant non significa solo brillante. È vero che si dice a brilliant career (una carriera brillante) proprio come in italiano, ma in inglese il significato è più ampio. In questo caso vuole dire ‘fantastico’: Is circus life really so brilliant? “È veramente così fantastica la vita da circo?