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Luglio 2019
The Speak Up blog answers any questions you may have either about the English language or our articles. Write to us at: http://blog.speakuponline.it. The most interesting questions will be published on this page. A word of warning, though: our blog is not a translation or homework service!


You suggest that a way of learning English is by watching movies with either English language subtitles or with Italian subtitles for lower levels. I have tried to do so, but I have noticed a issue. In some cases the Italian translation doesn’t corrrespond with the English audio. This leaves me confused. I think it may happen because the interprets what she or he is reading, and I think that they might do not do it very well in many cases. How can I be sure that a translation is right? Thank you.
Rocco Simone Sciola.

Dear Rocco,
That’s an interesting question. As you say, translation is a subjective discipline and of course you might find that you disagree with some of a translator’s choices. In the case of films, you also have to bear in mind that subtitles have formal parameters, such as a maximum number of characters per line and duration limits. Translation can be a real challenge! We suggest that since you are aware of the translation, you should try to watch the movie with English subtitles.  
Best regards,
Speak Up


Buongiorno, riguardo il numero di maggio, nel racconto “Pet Rebellion”, mi sembra di percepire che la cagnolina Clementine parli con pronuncia “received pronunciation”, similmente alla pronuncia dei reali inglesi di cui parla un altro articolo sullo stesso numero. È vero o mi sbaglio? Grazie molte e saluti. Ilaria

Dear Ilaria,
That’s right, the story was read with a hint of a Scottish accent but mixed with general received pronunciation.
Best regards,
Speak Up


Buongiorno, mi sono accorta che la parola ‘routes’ nell’articolo The transcontinental Railroad di maggio 2019 viene pronunciata ‘rauts’ diversamente da come ho trovato su dizionari online o da come ero abituata a pronunciare (root). Distinti saluti, Silvia Bruschi

Dear Silvia,
You are right. In the US the pronounciation of the word ‘route’ sounds like ‘rawt’, while in the UK it is pronounced more like ‘root’. Best, Speak Up

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