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Aprile 2020
Dall'1 aprile i duchi di Sussex hanno iniziato una nuova vita lontano dai riflettori e dagli obblighi reali. Rinunciano, così, al titolo e chiudono il profilo Instagram con un ultimo messaggio per ringraziare chi li ha sostenuti in questa scelta. In questo articolo ti raccontiamo come si è sviluppato il cosiddetto Megxit e le loro ragioni.

di Alex Phillips

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Speakers: Rachel Roberts (British accent)

From a very early age, Prince Harry has had a difficult relationship with the media. He was only twelve when his mother, Princess Diana, died in an accident partially blamed on the paparazzi chasing the car she was a passenger in. She had, in fact, been hounded by photographers and journalists ever since she had become a member of the Royal Family, and particularly when she divorced Prince Charles. Like his mother, Prince Harry has always found it hard to stick to the protocols and formalities of being a member of the British Royal Family. He was at the centre of a number of scandals while growing up, such as the time when he dressed up as a Nazi for a party when he was twenty years old. Before that, he had physical clashes with newspaper photographers who were following him around nightclubs.
It seemed that Harry’s marriage to the American actor Meghan Markle in 2018 would change his attitude towards being a celebrity and towards his public duties as a Royal. In fact, the reverse has happened: Meghan has shown that she is not willing to have her personality erased by her incorporation into the ruling house of Great Britain. This has not been well received by the British press, particularly the tabloids. They have attacked her on all possible fronts: from her relationship with her father, to her being born and bred in the United States, and, most appalling of all, her African-American origins. This has led the couple to take an unprecedented step in suing the tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail. This was not well received by the Queen or by William, Harry’s elder brother.
Rather than backing down, things reached boiling point earlier this year. Harry and Meghan decided that their relationship and their son Archie were their first priority, and that the constant press scrutiny made life unbearable. So, they have decided to give up their duties as senior royals and their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and lead a less public life, moving between Britain and Canada.

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