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LAPD: The thin blue line

Novembre 2013
The Los Angeles Police Department con questo video vuole celebrare i suoi agenti, ricordando a tutti i loro ruoli e la loro importanza.


Ashton Smith (Standard American accent)

Testing the very definition of their motto, “To protect and to serve,” the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department; standing tall in the thin blue line that protects us all, they wear many hats.

They willingly assume their duties as fighters of crime, as investigators and enforcers of the law, ready to respond when the calls come in, as they always do. They number close to 10,000 sworn officers, and with the aid of over 3,000 civilian employees, they guard and serve an area of 468 square miles. We salute them, acknowledging the many jobs they perform, and the price they often have to pay, by putting their lives on the line. As they confront the face of fire, violence, and disaster, these men and women walk toward the explosions, into the jaws of chaos, making sure we get out safe and alive, even when their own lives remain in peril.

Today we also take special note of the leadership of the LAPD. We acknowledge their steady command of all the officers who serve us, 24/7, trained in tolerance, practising patience, which is a reflection of their leadership, setting standards of discipline that lead to polished policing.

We say “thank you” to those who stand vigil at the edge for all of us, every hour of every day. They are the protectors of the family we call the City of Los Angeles.  

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