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Language Files - Aarrgghh!!! Meet my trolley!

Maggio 2015
Questo cartello è stato fotografato all'aeroporto di Orio al Serio. Vorrebbe dire: "vietato introdurre carrelli", ma suona un po' come "è vietato presentare carrelli", cioè farli conoscere; e non è l'unico errore che incontriamo in queste due righe...

This photo was taken at Bergamo’s Orio al Serio airport, which will be the point of entry for a large number of Expo visitors (click here to enlarge the image). For this reason it’s a pity that the airport’s staff didn’t check this translation, which contains a number of mistakes: ”to introduce” tends to be used for people; for example, you might introduce your new girlfriend or boyfriend to your parents. It should be “it is forbidden,” and then “trolleys” (as the airport probably has more than one. Or is “Trolley” the name of a new boyfriend?) The correct phrase is: “No trolleys beyond this point.”  

If you see English mistakes (in Italy, the UK, anywhere!) that make you scream “Aarrgghh!!!” take a photo (please make sure it’s in focus!) and send it to redazione@speakupmagazine.it
We will publish the best (that is, the worst) both here and on our Facebook page...

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