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I DVD di Speak Up - Life of Pi

Novembre 2015
Questo mese con Speak Up il DVD di Life of Pi. In edicola trovi Speak Up + il film in versione originale con sottotitoli in inglese e in italiano e un pratico LIBRETTO che svela tutte le curiosità della pellicola e che contiene glossari ed esercizi.
Life of Pi
Life of Pi

Our DVD this month is Life of Pi, which was released in 2012. It’s directed by Taiwan’s Ang Lee (Sense and Sensibility, Brokeback Mountain, Taking Woodstock) and based on the novel of the same name by Canada’s Yann Martel. The stars are India’s Suraj Sharma, an untried actor who went to the audition “for fun,” and a tiger. They have to live together on a small lifeboat after their ship (which carried Pi’s family and the animals in their zoo) sinks. Pi is an abbreviation of “Piscine,” the hero’s embarrassing French name...

(Speak Up + DVD is available at newsstands. Price: € 14.90)

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