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Everybody wants IELTS! (Oral test - part 2)

Dicembre 2014
Parlare allo IELTS, seconda parte. Cose da ricordare: prendere appunti, parlare piano, respirare!

di Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts

In the second part of the IELTS oral test you are required to speak for two minutes on a topic that the examiner will give you. The topics in Part Two refer to your personal experience and tastes, but in a much more detailed way than in Part One. You could be asked about a journey you have taken, a restaurant you have visited, a hobby or sport you enjoy. In any case you are expected to give a longer, more in-depth description.

Before you start speaking, you have one minute to write down some ideas. It is absolutely essential that you use that minute in the best possible way.
Spend the full 60 seconds making notes. Don’t write sentences or try to organise anything in a logical order; just write one or two words for each point. When you’re talking, two minutes can seem like a long time, so if you run out of ideas, you just have to look down quickly and the words you see will give you a new idea.
One of the best practice activities you can do is to time yourself brainstorming ideas for 60 seconds. Once again the Internet, or any IELTS practice book, can be a good source of typical Part 2-type questions. Brainstorming is particularly important if you get a topic you don’t like very much, so practise with questions that don’t inspire you.
When you speak, remember to take your time and to keep breathing. If you do make a mistake or pronounce something badly, you can always correct yourself. We frequently do this in natural speech and no one expects you to be a skilled public orator.

This is your chance to show what you know, so try to include a variety of grammatical structures and as much vocabulary as possible. When the two minutes are up the examiner will stop you and probably ask you a quick concluding question. If you are interrupted mid-sentence that’s fine. The examiner has to manage the time so just relax and wait for your next instructions.

The British Council deals with everything concerning IELTS in Italy. If you want to have an idea of your current level of English, try the online level test www.britishcouncil.org/it/italy-exams-test-livello-inglese-esame-cambridge-ielts-online.htm
You can take the IELTS exam throughout the year and you can enrol just two weeks before the actual test date. The results will be ready 13 days later.


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