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Aarrgghh!! An Intellectual bar

Agosto 2016
In questo bar i toast sono “Facts at the moment”! Fatti al momento, in teoria. In pratica… facts sono i dati di fatto, le verità, quindi o all’interno dei sandwich c’è un comitato scientifico che sforna dati freschi oppure… bisognerà cambiare il cartello!
© G.Beluffi
© G.Beluffi

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The owners of this bar have got a little confused in their translation of the Italian word fatti, which can either mean “made” (in the case of the verb fare) or “facts” (in the case of “pieces of information”). As a result, you get the impression that this bar is a bit like Google: you can find everything you need to know (but only now, “at the moment”). What the sign should say is: “Freshly made toasted sandwiches.” 

If you see English mistakes (in Italy, the UK, anywhere!) that make you scream “Aarrgghh!!!” take a photo (please make sure it’s in focus!) and send it to redazione@speakupmagazine.it
We will publish the best (that is, the worst) both here and on our Facebook page.


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