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Extraordinary English! Courses with a Difference

Agosto 2012
English and fashion

di ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service

English Plus Fashion Design
English Plus Fashion Design

Milan may be the fashion capital of the world, but it does not have the monopoly on fashion! Vivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer, for example. In London there are some very reputable fashion schools.
One of these is the London College of Fashion, another is Central St. Martins College of Arts and Design, from which Stella McCartney graduated in Fashion Design. They are two of the six institutions that make up the University of the Arts London. Here foreign students can “kill two birds with one stone”: they can learn English in the morning and study some aspect of fashion in the afternoon, like Fashion Design or Fashion Styling.

The most important starting point in Fashion Design is research and experimentation, and during the course students will have plenty of time to experiment and to express their creativity.
The courses are open to anyone with at least a pre-intermediate level of English, and are offered all year round. Students can take up to six different modules.

Another possibility is English Plus Art & Design, where the afternoons are dedicated to painting, life drawing, interior design or similar. Take part in a transcription project where you re-interpret a famous painting – maybe the Mona Lisa with a really big grin or a frown, it’s up to you!

The course    English Plus Fashion
Where    London, UK
When    all year
How long    four week modules
Target    18+
How much    £ 1,225 + accommodation
Organisation    University of the Arts London

ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service is a free service offered by the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy to anyone wishing to study English abroad. Its partner schools are all recognised at a local level and offer quality English language courses for students of all ages.

Info: Susan Boyle, English Language Consultant at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. Tel: 02 876981 or elcs@britchamitaly.com


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