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The Language Files - The best of Quora

Maggio 2015
Le domande (e le risposte) dal social network Quora. Questo mese: What is the easiest spoken language to learn?

Quora is one of the best social networks in terms of questions and answers. Needless to say, there are numerous questions and answers about the English language. This is a particularly good example:


What is the easiest spoken language to learn?


The Defense Language Institute, one of the USA’s top language schools, categorizes languages into four difficulty levels based on the amount of class time it takes native English-speaking students to reach a particular level of fluency. This concerns learning the language as a whole, including the ability to read books, write essays and so on, so not just the spoken language.

Category I languages: 26-week courses, include Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Category II: 35 weeks, includes German and Indonesian
Category III: 48 weeks, includes Farsi, Russian, Uzbek, Hindi, Urdu, Hebrew, Thai, Serbian Croatian, Tagalog, Turkish
Category IV: 64 weeks, includes Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Pashto.

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