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Friendly Shakespeare

Dicembre 2013
Derek Allen presenta il suo ultimo lavoro ‘Friendly Shakespeare’, un libro che aiuta a spiegare perché Shakespeare - morto da quasi 400 anni - non passa mai di moda. Anzi...

di Mark Worden


Derek Allen
Derek Allen

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

Derek Allen introduces himself and his book:

Derek Allen (Standard British accent)

Hi there, my name’s Derek, Derek Allen. I’ve just written a book called Friendly Shakespeare, which is the follow-up to Friendly English. This book is aimed at you. This book basically takes into consideration seven different works, from Othello to Hamlet to The Merchant of Venice to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, passing also through other works. The idea is for you to feel the need to read Shakespeare. Shakespeare is difficult, it’s difficult for us and it’s difficult for you, but now is the time to turn your attention to the world’s greatest writer, and to try and get something out of him. I’ve taken a very contemporary approach to each work that I’ve considered. For example, with Othello, you’ll find something about the state of women in Italy, or let’s take, for example, Romeo and Juliet: we’ll be looking at adolescent love. All those things... very contemporary themes, a very contemporary approach. I hope you enjoy it.  

(Derek Allen was talking to Mark Worden) 

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