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Extraordinary English! Courses with a Difference

Febbraio 2013
English PLUS for Young Learners

di ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service

English Plus
English Plus

Not all junior courses are the same, because not all children are the same. Some enjoy sports, some prefer more creative activities like art, music or drama. Alexander’s International School offers students a wide choice of activities that they can combine with their English lessons to ensure that they continue to learn the language while doing the things they like best. There is a varied range of sports, from tennis and football to golf and horse riding, and also more unusual activities like sailing. The school is situated on the Suffolk coast, where the River Deben meets the sea.  
Courses are flexible and child-centred, with a minimum of 15 hours of English classes per week, plus six to nine hours of the student’s selected option. For the super-serious student there is an intensive English option too! There are no large groups of any one nationality and the number of places for children of the same native tongue is strictly limited. This means that students are obliged to speak English at all times, whether on an excursion to London, learning to dance salsa or just lazing on the beach.  
Skola’s English PLUS courses are so popular that a further two centres have been opened following the same successful recipe. Accommodation is in rooms with 1-6 beds according to the centre. 


The course    English Plus
Where    Home counties, UK
When    June to September
How long    minimum two weeks
Target    11-17 years
How much    £750 per week
Organisation    Skola Group


ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service is a free service offered by the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy to anyone wishing to study English abroad. Its partner schools are all recognised at a local level and offer quality English language courses for students of all ages.

Info: Susan Boyle, English Language Consultant at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. Tel: 02 876981 or elcs@britchamitaly.com



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