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Febbraio 2014
The latest social and Internet trends.

di Kathleen Cornford

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Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent), Chuck Rolando (Standard American accent),
Rachel Roberts (Standard British accent),

How to be happy...

This map seen here part of the U.N.-sponsored World Happiness Report which is recently released by Columbia University’s Earth Institute. It was based on social and economic data collected from 2010 to 2012. And, looking at the map, it would appear that there is in fact a correlation between wealth and happiness! But if, like many people, you think that you need more money to be happy, then here's a list of tips by American journalist Vivian Manning-Schaffel:

1) Don’t spend hours on Facebook. One study found that while Facebook can make people feel more connected, many users are constantly comparing themselves with others, and this can cause loneliness and even depression!

2) Perform random acts of kindness. Doing nice things for others really does cause a chain reaction of joy.

3) Don’t chase money. Stop trying to earn a higher salary and stop comparing yourself with high-earning friends. Aim at a realistic income instead. 

4) Be curious at work. People who are more curious, creative and collaborative with colleagues are generally more successful at work, and this improves their overall happiness. So make friends at the office!

5) Spend your money on experiences, not things. Experiences are more fulfilling than objects.
So invest in activities, such as travelling or learning something new, especially a language!  This way you’ll find that money really can buy you happiness!

Yes, it's party time!

Now you know the secret to happiness, it's time to celebrate. A word of warning, though: traditional party balloons belong in museums. Instead get Illoom Balloons which, thanks and an internal LED (Light-emitting diode), shine in the dark. Available from Amazon.it at €14.95 a packet.

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