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Michael Bublé

Luglio 2013
Anche l’umorismo è una questione culturale. Michael Bublé (intervistato nel numero in edicola) ne sa qualcosa. Un giorno, in un’intervista, scherzando, disse di essere gay e...

di Marcel Anders

Michael Bublé's latest album, To Be Loved.
Michael Bublé's latest album, To Be Loved.
Michael Bublé
Michael Bublé

Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

Canadian singer Michael Bublé is a man with a sense of humour, but this can be a problem in interviews, as he recently discovered in Germany:

Michael Bublé (Canadian accent)

Yesterday I did an interview for a girl on a blog, and she was very serious, and she said to me, “Michael,” she said, “can you give me a... a... a scoop? You know, what is the scoop, you know, something that no-one else knows?” And I said, “Well, I’m...  I’m gay, very gay.” And, you know, thinking that she would laugh, but she didn’t laugh, her eyes just got gigantic, and she said (imitating her German accent), “But you’re having a baby coming and you’re married!” And it was like, yeah, that’s my sense of humour. So a lot of the time in print that... then you’re really screwed because it’s taken out of context and then it’s like, “Oh, my God!” You’re dead, yeah. It’s so strange ‘cause I can say something on camera and people laugh because they can... they can see... the way that, you know what I mean, they can see my face, or... but, yeah, when you read it just cold in print, it’s... sometimes it’s really... it can be really ugly. There’s places like in England and Australia where they usually get that humour pretty well, it’s... it’s... I mean, it’s very dry humour, so... there’s other places where it doesn’t work as well:  United States I have a difficult time.

(Michael Bublé was talking to Marcel Anders)

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